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Thursday, November 25, 2010

[Download]KAT-TUN - Change Ur World [PV ] 2010.11.17

Kat-tun Change Ur World PV [romaji and english subs]
Length : 5 minutes 46 seconds
Dimensions : 1280 x 720 [Yess, HQ desu!]
Size : 176 MB
Raw : AznOngaku@Blogspot
Lyrics : Zouter@Lj and videouncovered.com
Edit/Timing/Hardsubbed : YamapI_loveeee@lj [ME!]
Link : MU | MF

So this is my second lyric making videos and I didn't use kara effects yet but I will. Since my computer's subbing software doesn't provide sound so it is kinda hard for me to time for the kara . So, I figured of doing it some other time (when I got a hold of my brother's PC!)HAHA. I[I used too much so !]Oh yeah I also want to thank shahirashera@Lj!

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